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Have Passion for Your Topic

by Terry Paulson, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE

"Forget all the conventional 'rules' but one. There is one golden rule: Stick to topics you deeply care about and do not keep your passion buttoned inside your vest. An audiences' biggest turn on is the speakers' obvious enthusiasm. If you are lukewarm about the issue, forget it!"
Tom Peters

There is a certain zest that shines through a presenter's face when he speaks of something he has authentic passion for. That speaker can be excited and whisper and it still get through. Don't just speak on any subject; speak on ones you live!

What do you believe in enough that no one can stop you from finding a place to share it? When you have the right speech, you will feel like saying, "Get over here now! You don't want to miss this!"

In such a talk, your hour of speaking feels like minutes. Great speakers don't just love to speak; they love to make a difference for people.

Finish this sentence:

"I love this job, I get to . . . "

If you ever struggle to find the motivation and the enthusiasm to start your speech, take a moment to go back to your success history as a speaker to review images you have retained that affirm what your presentations have meant to past audiences. Relive that image before you take the platform. Feed your own enthusiasm for your message as you get ready to make a difference again. If you have no enthusiasm for your message, why should anyone else? Find the passion in your purpose or find another topic to speak on. (Reprinted with permission from "50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro.")

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